Garrin Royer

Photo of Garrin Royer


“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”

— Henry David Thoreau

In his professional life, Garrin is many things. He’s an entrepreneur. A financier. A deal maker. But unlike many of his colleagues in the built environment and beyond, Garrin gets that green is so much more than the color of money. A passionate outdoorsman, Garrin believes green also is the color of a healthy steelhead river. It’s the shade of evergreen trees in an urban park. It’s the color we associate with a business rooted to the triple bottom line, like Redside. By assigning higher value to quality of life rather than a quick buck, Garrin has expanded his thriving business in recessionary times, launching and overseeing ecologically restorative projects that support communities and generate profits for all involved. When not in the office, Garrin seeks, and generally finds inspiration on mountains steeped in powder, river corridors waiting to be explored, or golf courses set in harmony with the natural environment. He lives in West Linn, Ore. with his wife, Cortney and their three children, Bella, Olivia and Callahan.

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